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Here are fun listicles, product reviews, travel tech updates, and much much more.

Destination Guides

Check out detailed guides on my favorite haunts, keeping in mind you, the wide-eyed solo traveler. My hope is that these guides help keep you safe and find magic during your adventures.

Musings 💭

I also open my big ol’ mouth on other platforms. About all sorts of unconventional topics like decentralized technologies and sexual wellness for the modern woman. Put me in a box. I dare you 😏.

Is Decentralization Real?

Is decentralisation even real

Call me cynical but…
Decentralization is much more complicated than the crypto industry wants you to believe…

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Sex Education for 2023.

Sick of closed-minded stigma and slut shaming? Here are 6 things I’ve learned about SEXY TIMES since my 20s.

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The Coronavirus Coverup

Let’s take a closer look at the internet structure in China to understand why free access to information should be a HUMAN RIGHT.

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