Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali: Discover Underwater Paradise

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Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali

For those who seek a communion with the ocean’s wonders, Bali isn’t just a destination; it’s a vivid, living dream. 

Today, let me take you on a journey beneath its waves, to discover why Bali is a haven for snorkelers.

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Why Choose Bali for Snorkeling?

In the heart of Indonesia’s archipelago, Bali emerges like a jewel in the ocean. 

What makes it a snorkeling paradise? It’s the remarkable confluence of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, creating a rich visual treat of marine biodiversity. 

Imagine swimming in waters so clear, they seem like liquid glass, unveiling a riot of colors beneath.

I have always aligned with the Balinese belief that the sea is a source of life and healing.

Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali

Top 15 Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali

Looking for the best snorkeling spots in Bali? Bali is not just a single snorkeling destination but a mosaic of captivating underwater sites, each offering a unique experience. Here’s a curated list of 15 of the best snorkeling spots in Bali.

For those considering a more extended stay on the island, be sure to check out the “Top 15 Best Resorts in Ubud, Bali” for recommendations on where to relax after your underwater adventures.


Ideal for those new to snorkeling or families looking for safe, easy experiences.

Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island

  • Review: Known for its calm waters and vibrant coral walls, ideal for beginners and experienced snorkelers alike.
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Costs: Approximately $30-50 for a guided snorkel tour.
  • Duration: Half-day to full-day trips are common.
  • Safety: Generally safe and family-friendly.
  • Vicinity: Limited food options on the island; advisable to bring snacks.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Amed


  • Review: A tranquil spot with crystal-clear waters, great for a peaceful snorkeling experience.
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Costs: Budget-friendly, around $20-30 for snorkeling gear.
  • Duration: Flexible, from a few hours to a full day.
  • Safety: Family-friendly and safe.
  • Vicinity: Charming local cafes and beach bars in the area.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali PadangB Bai Blue Lagoon

Padang Bai – Blue Lagoon

  • Review: A vibrant underwater tapestry, ideal for enthusiasts of colorful marine life.
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Costs: Around $35-55 for guided snorkeling, including gear.
  • Duration: Half-day tours are popular.
  • Safety: Generally safe, suitable for families.
  • Vicinity: Close to local eateries and beach facilities.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Pemuteran


  • Review: A pioneering spot in coral conservation, great for eco-conscious snorkelers.
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Costs: Approximately $30-50, with options for Biorock-specific tours.
  • Duration: Half-day to full-day trips.
  • Safety: Family-friendly and safe for beginners.
  • Vicinity: Nearby dining options and beach resorts.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Lovina


  • Review: Known for its gentle waters and dolphin watching opportunities.
  • Rating: 4.4/5
  • Costs: Around $30-50, including dolphin tours.
  • Duration: Half-day, especially for morning dolphin tours.
  • Safety: Very family-friendly and safe.
  • Vicinity: A good range of local dining options and beach resorts.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Nusa Lembongan

Mushroom Bay on Nusa Lembongan

  • Review: Unique mushroom-shaped coral formations in a serene bay.
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Costs: $30-50 for boat and snorkeling tours.
  • Duration: Half to full-day.
  • Safety: Suitable for families and snorkelers of all skill levels.
  • Vicinity: Beachside restaurants and bars are readily available.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Serangan Island

Serangan Island

  • Review: A quieter snorkeling experience, perfect for observing diverse coral species and tropical fish.
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Costs: Approximately $25-45 for snorkeling tours.
  • Duration: Usually half-day tours.
  • Safety: Safe for families, but always stay aware of currents.
  • Vicinity: Close to local eateries, with a more authentic Balinese feel.


These spots are perfect for snorkelers with some experience, offering a blend of safety and adventure.

Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Tulamben


  • Review: A historical dive into the sea with the USAT Liberty shipwreck as a backdrop. Ideal for history buffs. 
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Costs: Around $40-60, including equipment rental.
  • Duration: Recommended half-day trip.
  • Safety: Suitable for all levels, but the wreck dive is more suited for experienced snorkelers.
  • Vicinity: Several beachside eateries and bars nearby.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Jemeluk Bay

Jemeluk Bay

  • Review: A haven for underwater photography, thanks to its calm waters and rich marine life.
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Costs: $25-45 for snorkeling gear and guided tours.
  • Duration: Flexible, from a few hours to a full day.
  • Safety: Ideal for families and snorkelers of all levels.
  • Vicinity: Cozy cafes and beachfront eateries are available.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Secret Bay in Gilimanuk

Secret Bay in Gilimanuk

  • Review: A secluded spot, perfect for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience.
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Costs: $20-40, a budget-friendly option.
  • Duration: Half-day to full-day.
  • Safety: Suitable for all levels; calmer waters.
  • Vicinity: Limited facilities; advisable to plan ahead for food and amenities.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Candidasa


  • Review: A dream spot for macro photography, thanks to its giant Gorgonian fans.
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Costs: $35-55, with emphasis on photography tours.
  • Duration: Half-day to full-day.
  • Safety: More suited to intermediate and experienced snorkelers.
  • Vicinity: Several local eateries and accommodation options.


For experienced snorkelers seeking more challenging and adventurous spots.

Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida

  • Review: A majestic experience, especially for those eager to see manta rays.
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Costs: $50-70 for boat tours, often including equipment.
  • Duration: Full-day tours recommended.
  • Safety: Suitable for experienced snorkelers due to strong currents.
  • Vicinity: Limited on-site facilities, with more options available on the main island.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan

  • Review: Crystal-clear waters offering a peek at diverse aquatic life and smaller sharks.
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Costs: $40-60 for snorkeling tours.
  • Duration: Half to full-day options.
  • Safety: Generally safe; ideal for adventurous families.
  • Vicinity: Good selection of beach bars and restaurants.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Gili Tepekong

Gili Tepekong

  • Review: A thrilling spot for those seeking vibrant marine life and a bit of adventure.
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Costs: Around $45-65, considering the challenging currents.
  • Duration: Half-day is sufficient.
  • Safety: Best for experienced snorkelers.
  • Vicinity: Basic amenities; more options available in nearby areas.
Best Snorkeling Spots in Bali Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay

  • Review: Crystal clear waters offering a popular and scenic snorkeling experience.
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Costs: $40-60 for guided tours.
  • Duration: Half-day to full-day.
  • Safety: Generally safe, but watch for currents.
  • Vicinity: Good selection of beach cafes and relaxation spots.

For families looking to plan a snorkeling trip, consider reading “Best Family Resorts Bali” for accommodations that cater to all ages, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The ratings are based on overall experience, including the beauty of the snorkeling site, accessibility, and the overall atmosphere. 

Costs can vary based on the season and the type of tour chosen, so it’s always good to check the latest prices. 

Tips for a Memorable Snorkeling Experience

Embarking on a snorkeling journey in Bali is akin to stepping into a vibrant, underwater storybook.To make your snorkeling experience both memorable and respectful of this delicate ecosystem, here are some tips:

  • Best Time to Visit: Bali’s waters are most inviting from April to September. During this dry season, the seas are calm, and the underwater visibility is at its peak, making it ideal for snorkeling.
  • Safety First: Always prioritize safety. If you’re new to snorkeling, consider a guided tour. Guides know the currents and can lead you to the safest and most spectacular spots. For families, many spots in Bali are child-friendly, but always keep an eye on the little ones.
  • Respecting Marine Life: The ocean is a living, breathing entity. As snorkelers, it’s our duty to respect its inhabitants. Avoid touching or stepping on coral reefs, and maintain a safe distance from marine creatures. Remember, we are guests in their home.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Choose snorkeling operators who prioritize sustainability. Look for tours that provide eco-friendly equipment and practice responsible tourism. By doing so, we contribute to the preservation of Bali’s underwater world.
  • Equipment Essentials: While most tour operators provide snorkeling gear, having your own can enhance comfort. Consider bringing a snorkel mask, fins, and a rash guard for sun protection. If you have a waterproof camera, bring it along to capture the magical underwater moments.
  • Stay Hydrated and Protected: The tropical sun can be intense. Stay hydrated and use reef-safe sunscreen to protect your skin while preserving the marine environment.
  • Local Insights: Engage with the local community. Locals often have the best advice on hidden gems and the best times to visit certain spots. Plus, their stories enrich your experience, adding depth to your adventure.
  • After Snorkeling: Bali is not just about its underwater marvels. Take time to explore its rich culture and cuisine. Visit local markets, try traditional Balinese dishes, and maybe catch a cultural performance. These experiences complement your snorkeling adventure, creating a tapestry of memories.
  • Stay Flexible: Sometimes, the best experiences are unplanned. Be open to changing your itinerary based on local weather conditions or recommendations. The ocean is ever-changing, and flexibility can lead to the most extraordinary discoveries.
  • Capture Memories, Leave Only Bubbles: Last but not least, capture your memories with photos and stories, but leave the environment as you found it. The beauty of Bali’s seas is a treasure to be preserved for generations to come.

8 Must-Have Products for Your Bali Snorkeling Adventure

Embarking on a snorkeling trip in Bali is an exhilarating experience. To ensure you have the best time underwater, here are eight must-have products.

These products cater to comfort, safety, and environmental sustainability, aligning with the ethos of eco-friendly travel.

Tribord Subea Easybreath

The Tribord Subea Easybreath offers a panoramic 180-degree field of vision with an anti-fog design. Its innovative design allows for natural breathing through both nose and mouth.

Must have products for snorkeling Stream2Sea Sunscreen

Stream2Sea Sunscreen

Stream2Sea sunscreen is eco-conscious and reef-safe. It’s biodegradable, free from harmful chemicals, and provides effective sun protection without harming marine life.

Must have products for snorkeling O'Neill UV Sun Protection Womens Basic Skins Tee

O’Neill UV Sun Protection Women’s Basic Skins Tee

O’Neill offers a high-quality rash guard with UPF 50+ UV protection. It’s quick-drying and made from skin-friendly materials, perfect for extended snorkeling sessions.

Must have products for snorkeling Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins

Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins

The Cressi Palau fins are lightweight, travel-friendly, and designed for comfort. They come with adjustable straps for a snug fit and are ideal for various water activities.

Must have products for snorkeling Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Earth Pak’s dry bag is known for its reliability. It’s durable and comes in various sizes, perfect for keeping your electronics and personal items dry during water activities.

Must have products for snorkeling Go Pro HERO 8 Black

GoPro HERO8 Black

The GoPro HERO8 Black is a top choice for underwater photography. It offers high-resolution footage, robust build, and is waterproof, making it perfect for capturing Bali’s marine life.

Must have products for snorkeling Hydro Flash Bottle

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

The Hydro Flask is renowned for its insulation properties, keeping water cold for hours. It’s durable, BPA-free, and comes in various sizes, making it an essential item for staying hydrated.

Must have products for snorkeling Snorkeling Guide Book

“The Snorkeler’s Guide to the Coral Reef” by Paddy Ryan

This guidebook is comprehensive, covering marine life, snorkeling tips, and conservation practices. It’s a great resource for both beginners and experienced snorkelers.

Beyond Snorkeling – Embracing Bali’s Culture

After you’ve marveled at the underwater splendors of Bali, let the island enchant you with its rich tapestry of culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes. 

Local Cuisine: A Taste of Paradise

Bali’s cuisine is a vibrant fusion of flavors, with dishes like Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Mie Goreng (fried noodles), and Sate Lilit (Balinese satay) tantalizing your taste buds. Each meal is a celebration of local ingredients and time-honored recipes. Be sure to visit a traditional warung (local eatery) to experience authentic Balinese food.

Cultural Landmarks: Temples and Traditions

The island is dotted with majestic temples, each holding a unique story. The Tanah Lot, perched on a rock amidst the sea, and the serene Uluwatu Temple, overlooking the ocean, are spiritual beacons for the Balinese. And when the sun sets, the Kecak Fire Dance at these temples is a cultural spectacle you shouldn’t miss.

Scenic Landscapes: From Rice Terraces to Volcanic Mountains

Bali’s landscapes are a canvas of nature’s finest art. The lush, green terraces of Tegallalang offer a picturesque view of rice paddies, while the hike up Mount Batur rewards you with a breathtaking sunrise. 

Embracing the Balinese Way

During my travels, a local elder told me, “In Bali, we live as one with nature.” This philosophy is evident in their daily life, from the Canang Sari (daily offerings) seen on the streets, to the harmonious coexistence with the natural world. For solo female travelers interested in exploring Bali’s cultural and natural beauty beyond snorkeling, “Is Bali safe for solo female travelers – Uncensored Guide” provides essential tips and advice for a safe and fulfilling journey.

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