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Looking for the best beach clubs in Bali? Bali is known for its stunning views from the coasts and its vibrant lifestyle.

So there’s NOTHING BETTER than watching a sunset while sipping a cocktail (or mocktail for all you health nuts) at one of its esteemed beach clubs. 

Each one offers a unique scenario that mixes relaxation and party vibes. Whether it is lounging on a daybed, sipping your favorite cocktail as you gaze out at the stunning ocean, OR dancing barefoot on warm sand to the rhythms of a live DJ set. 

Here you’ll find the ultimate guide for the different beach clubs!

And ladies, you can take my word for it, I’ve been living in and out of suitcases for more than a decade, and I keep finding myself back in Bali, back on those beaches.  

Best Beach Clubs in Bali Seminyak

Bali’s beach clubs are many and diverse, from the cool area of Seminyak to the dramatic cliffs of Uluwatu. 

Whether you are in the mood for a family- friendly getaway, beachfront dining or an exclusive spot to socialize under the shadows of palms, you’ll find that Bali’s top beach clubs are right for every taste and occasion.

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Bali offers all sorts of vibes, if you’re here for a party – this guide is for you. Looking for a little more zen? Check out my favorite resorts to hit in this tropical paradise. 

Offering more than just a place to get your tan on, these beachside havens combine culinary specialities with a splash of adventure, often housing water sports to quench your thirst for excitement. 

The best Bali beach clubs elevate the beach club concept to an art form, promising beyond ordinary escapades that linger in your memories long after the sun sets. 

So pack your sunscreen, embrace the island vibe, and prepare to uncover everything this tropical paradise has awaiting you.

Best Beach Clubs in Bali Seminyak

If you’re a fan of beach clubs, Seminyak is the place to be! It offers some of the coolest spots, providing unforgettable experiences with lively music, tasty tapas, and breathtaking sunset views.

Potato Head Beach Club

Over at Potato Head Beach Club, you’re in for a treat! Its unique architecture and stunning beachfront pool are an absolute MUST SEE. Sip on innovative cocktails and immerse yourself in the artistic vibe, often enhanced by performances from world-renowned DJs. Only for fancy pants. Check here to book.

Ku De Ta

Known for setting the bar high in the beach club scene, Ku De Ta is an absolute must-visit for its sophisticated ambiance and carefully selected tunes. Be sure not to miss their famous happy hour—it’s the perfect chance to socialise as the sun sets below the horizon. Check here to book.

La Brisa

La Brisa, built using reclaimed wood from more than 500 old fisherman boats, is an eco-friendly spot with a rustic charm that sets it apart. The crowd is a little young, but if it’s your first time in Bali it’s worth a visit. Check here to book.

Best Beach Clubs in Bali Uluwatu

Uluwatu, nestled on the southwestern edge of the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, is a hub of awe-inspiring cliff-top spots and luxurious beach clubs. If it’s a  mix of tropical paradise and high-end living you’re looking for…this is it. 

Here, you’ll be welcomed by sweeping ocean vistas, infinity pools merging with the horizon, and a lively scene capturing the true spirit of island life.

Single Fin

Single Fin, situated on the cliffs above Uluwatu’s famed surf spots, is a surfer’s dream by day and a buzzing nightlife hub as the sun sets. With its chilled-out vibe, it’s the ideal spot for you to soak in the panoramic vistas while sipping a cool drink after a day on the waves. Check here to book.

Ulu Cliffhouse

Over at Ulu Cliffhouse, expect a cliff-top haven that reshapes your concept of a beach club. It showcases an infinity pool that seems to extend into the ocean, and you can relax on sunbeds or daybeds that blend comfort with chic. Whether you’re in the mood for a custom cocktail or a gastronomic delight, Ulu Cliffhouse caters to your every whim against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean. Check here to book.


Omnia delivers an experience drenched in opulence and a forward-thinking approach to the beach club scene. Bask in the refinement of this innovative venue where you can dip into an infinity pool that’s both eye-catching and tranquil. Perched on a beautiful plateau high above the Indian Ocean’s crashing waves, Omnia invites you to live it up from day to night, encircled by Uluwatu’s dramatic cliffs.

Each venue in Uluwatu showcases its distinctive charm, offering not just a day by the sea, but a fully-fledged tropical retreat that will stay with you long after your Bali escapade has ended. Check here to book.

Best Beach Clubs in Bali Canggu

Canggu is the perfect beach getaway for families wanting to relax and have fun. It’s home to clubs that feature cozy daybeds, kiddie-friendly pools, and facilities that cater to everyone in your clan. If you’re looking also for the best family resorts in Bali check here.

Finns Beach Club

At Finns Beach Club, you’re spoiled with not just one, but four infinity pools. As you soak up the gorgeous views, your kiddos can have a blast in the club’s dedicated family area. Just a little tip: snag a daybed early as they’re perfect for an unforgettable family day. Check here to book.

The Lawn

Next up, The Lawn embodies the chill vibes of Canggu Beach. It’s a dreamy spot where you can gather on the plush green grass, just a hop, skip, and jump away from the sea. The club exudes a laid-back mood during the day, morphing into a lively venue as the sun dips below the horizon. Check here to book.

Echo Beach Club

Lastly, Echo Beach Club might not pop up in your regular search, but it’s a hidden gem known among locals and frequent visitors for its tranquil setting and breathtaking sunset views. Nestled right on the beachfront, it’s a fantastic spot for a feast to the soothing soundtrack of the waves. Check here to book.

Best Party Experiences in Bali

But ladies…we’re not done yet! Bali’s beach clubs are where the party’s at! Let me show you where the best beachside fun is at.

Vaulted Parties

First up, worthy of a second mention, Desa Potato Head Beach Club is a place where you can enjoy an epic day-to-night party.

Picture this: you’re in a massive amphitheater made from brushed concrete and reclaimed wood, totally in love with the tropical modernism vibe. And while they might not call them “Vaulted Parties,” Potato Head is famous for its electrifying atmosphere and events you just can’t miss. Check out their music events!

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While you’re there check out the light-sound therapy machine they’ve got as you nurse a hangover, or to set intention for an amazing day. 

Sundara Beach Club

Next, we have Sundara Beach Club. This place is all about fusion, mixing luxury with genuine Balinese hospitality. They’re big on “Sunset Sessions,” which are guaranteed to make your evenings something special. So get ready to sip on some signature cocktails and move to the music as the sun sets.

Roosterfish Beach Club

Lastly, we have Roosterfish Beach Club. This spot might not pop up in the search results, but trust me, if it’s anything like the other beach clubs, you’re in for a treat. Expect a mix of sandy beaches, poolside parties, and maybe even live entertainment. It’s the perfect place for those looking for a lively but laid-back beach day. Check here to book.

Best Food and Cocktail Bars in Bali

When you’re hanging out in Bali, remember that the beach clubs don’t just offer waves and sunshine.

Nope, they’re your ticket to a delicious foodie tongue!

The clubs on these islands mix stunning views with mouthwatering meals and creative drinks that will absolutely thrill your taste buds.

Taste the Goodness

At these clubs, you’ll find an awesome range of food choices. From local Balinese delicacies to international tapas, there’s something for everyone. One great spot for a lavish seaside feast is La Brisa in Canggu. They serve up gourmet dishes that really capture the spirit of the island, all while keeping your belly happy. Plus, the gentle sea breeze and the soothing sounds of the tropics? Purrrrrfect..

Drink in the Good Vibes

You simply can’t leave Bali’s beach clubs without trying their signature cocktails. Check out the Balinese Ritual at Woobar – Seminyak. The way they craft their cocktails is a TOTAL game-changer. Their mix of local and classic flavours creates drinks that are refreshing, exotic, and most importantly 100% Instagram-worthy.

So go ahead, dive in, and let your taste buds go on a foodie adventure against the backdrop of Bali’s mesmerizing coastal views. Enjoy!

Best beaches in Bali

Bali will show you that there’s more to the beaches than just catching some rays and riding waves.

You’re in for a special treat with the unique charm of pink sands, the striking views of black volcanic shores, and the liberating sensation of nudist beaches (not for the prudes or faint hearted amongst us).

Black Beach

Bali is famous for its captivating black sand beaches. Shores like the sands of Pasir Hitam on the north coast get their striking color from volcanic minerals and smooth lava pebbles that have washed ashore. 

Pink Beach

One of Bali’s nature’s gems is the Pink Beach, or Pantai Merah, nestled on the eastern shore near Komodo National Park. The pink hue is the work of microscopic organisms called Foraminifera, which produce a red pigment on the coral reefs. This pigment, when mixed with white sand, results in a gentle pink tint that’s an absolute delight to the eyes.

Nudist Beach

For those in search of a truly freeing beach experience, Bali’s nude beaches offer a private and liberating environment. Bali au Naturel Beach Resort is a popular spot where you can fully embrace the nudist lifestyle. These beaches give you the opportunity to sunbathe and swim without the restrictions of clothing, while still respecting the local customs and the privacy of your fellow beach enthusiasts.

Water sports and leisure activities in Bali

Maybe you’re done lounging at a beach club and need a little something extra. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a serene spot to unwind, Bali’s coastline is your ultimate playground.

Water Sports in Bali 

At these beachfront havens, you can dive into a thrilling array of water sports.

Kayaking along the calm waters offers a unique perspective of Bali’s stunning coastline.

Many beach clubs offer transparent kayaks, providing a window to the vibrant marine life below.

For a good dose of excitement, take on the waves with a sturdy kayak and savor the majesty of the ocean.

Diving is one of the best activities you can do, and it offers possibilities for any level from beginner to pro. Check out this complete guide on it!

Snorkeling is another popular activity; with just a mask and snorkel, you can explore a rich underwater world teeming with colorful coral and exotic fish. 

🔥 Hot Tip:
 Sundays Beach Club, for example, snorkel enthusiasts often catch glimpses of the elusive Minoo, darting through the azure waters of Uluwatu.

Itinerary Planning for Bali

If you want to get the most out of Bali’s fantastic beach clubs, a little bit of careful planning can go a long way!

With a bit of forethought on entry details and how to make the most of your time, you’ll be set for a day of relaxation and fun, without any stress.

Getting In

When planning your beach club adventure, the first thing you’ll want to do is check out ticket options on their website. Check up the links next to the ones you liked. Some beach clubs offer a cover charge that generally includes a credit for food and drinks, which is a lovely bonus! Take Sundays Beach Club in Uluwatu, for example, it boasts a breathtakingly beautiful private beach and requires access via a funicular. Knowing these details ahead of time means no unexpected surprises when you arrive.

Making the Most of it

Once you’re in, you’ll want to soak up every moment. Timing is key here; getting there early could make all the difference, giving you the best chance at scoring that perfect lounger or daybed. Beach clubs like Sunset Destination suggest arriving before the crowds to really soak up the atmosphere.

Use this strategic approach to make every moment at Bali’s beach clubs a memorable one.

If it’s your first time in Bali don’t miss out the guide that can help you on your first time on the island and if you are a solo woman traveler you can’t miss this guide for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions in Bali

Here, we tackle some common curiosities to enhance your Bali beach club itinerary.

What kind of fancy stuff can I look forward to at luxury beach clubs in Bali?

At luxury beach clubs in Bali, you’ll find stunning infinity pools, your own private cabanas, top-of-the-range spa services, and truly delicious dining options. You can count on friendly, attentive service and amenities that’ll make you feel pampered in true Balinese style.

Can my family and I have a fun day at Bali beach clubs? Are there options that cater to kids?

Absolutely! Many Bali beach clubs are super family-friendly. You’ll find clubs with special kids’ pools, fun-packed activities, and yummy menus just for your little ones. It’s a guaranteed fun day out for the whole family.

What makes the beach clubs in Seminyak different from others in Bali?

The beach clubs in Seminyak are known for their lively party scenes, chic crowd, and stylish settings. Here, you’ll often find international DJs spinning tracks and clubs boasting trendy, contemporary designs.

Is there a beach club in Bali that’s the best for a chilled-out day?

While “the best” can vary from person to person, many people love beach clubs like Potato Head in Seminyak and the Lawn for a laid-back day. They’re loved for their peaceful ambiance, awesome facilities, and breathtaking sunset views.

What’s the dining like at top-rated Bali beach clubs?

You’re in for a treat! At these gourmet dining spots, you’ll taste a mix of local Balinese cuisine and international dishes, often crafted by world-class chefs. You can expect fresh seafood and creative cocktails as staples at these stunning seaside venues.

How do Bali beach clubs incorporate local culture into their vibe?

Many Bali beach clubs beautifully blend local culture into their atmosphere. You’ll notice traditional design elements, enjoy Balinese performances, and taste local ingredients in their menus, giving you a rich cultural experience in a luxurious setting.
Never say you’re traveling alone.

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